For dentists

For Dentists

We work with Dentists and Dental practices on an ongoing basis and operate as Your Marketing and Communications Specialist.

You have your specialist work – dentistry and customer service – and we have ours. As your specialist marketing department, we are there for you, working with you to fine tune your marketing strategy, and to get the day-to-day implementation work done for you. That way you can get back to what you do best.

This saves you having to hire and train up in-house marketing personnel, and all that this entails. We’re on top of the latest and greatest strategies to grow your business and keep your existing customers connected to you.

We care as much about your business as you do, and have the marketing skills to back it up.

Our services cover…

New patient marketing

Working with the different elements of your marketing mix to devise the most cost-effective way to bring more new patients to your practice.

Customer care

Adding value to your relationship with your current patients through timely and useful information. This improves loyalty and the likelihood of positive word of mouth recommendations.

Branding and Marketing Strategy

A consistent look and feel to how your business is portrayed and the words you use helps to build trust and that sense that ‘you’ve got it together’.

Website Management and Marketing

Need a new website, or updates to the current one but just don’t know what you need or where to start? We speak fluent ‘website’ talk and can make sure you get what your business needs.

Print and online design and advertising

Getting your business known, seen and recognised as the trusted and caring professionals you really are.

Social media planning and execution

It’s easy to get lost in ‘Facebook-land’ but is it delivering what your business needs? We’ll help get the right balance and outcomes from social media for your business.

Tried and tested marketing results...

Investing in Organic SEO is a more cost effective long term strategy than paid online advertising. It also has a higher ROI. You can often get results by combining both methods to bring more new patients to your practice.


Google Organic results that bring more new patient conversions from your website