Dental social media marketing | Tips for success

Dental social media marketing
August 25, 2016 CMadmin
Dental Social Media Marketing

3 simple steps to social media success

If you’ve checked out our article on Facebook for dentists, then you’ll have got the idea that putting all your marketing efforts into social media alone can limit your potential return on investment (ROI).

But surely, you ask, social media is important for dental marketing? It is… but just like running an investment portfolio – where you diversify and track the return on each investment – so you should with your marketing.

At Connected Marketing, we know from experience that making social media part of your marketing mix is a great model to choose for your ongoing marketing planning and strategy. Here’s how.


1. Define the purpose of Facebook

As with anything when you’re planning your business and marketing, it helps to be more efficient if you know what you want Facebook to achieve for you, then stick to it.

You can have more than one Facebook purpose or concentrate on one at a time until you’ve nailed it.

These might include:

  • Building a closer-knit, community feel with your existing patients to create loyalty
  • Increasing interaction between your patients and community
  • Sharing the lighter – and often more personable – side of your practice and the people in your team
  • Educating your Facebook community
  • Encouraging positive word of mouth
  • Promoting your events
  • Building awareness among potential new patients in your local area

Reaching out to new patients means moving into Facebook advertising:

  • You’ll need to test the different Facebook advert types to figure out which are the most effective for your business
  • As Facebook changes its rules, the advertising side of things is important to reach the same numbers


2. Make social media part of your marketing mix

With Facebook being so prevalent, it’s easy to focus a large portion of your marketing efforts on it while forgetting other marketing avenues, such as:

  • Search engine marketing via quality content on your website
  • Local marketing efforts, such as school advertising and sponsorship or events
  • Patient marketing through patient newsletters or surveys

Marketing solely on Facebook should be done at your own risk!

For many of our dental practice clients (even those with a large social media presence), social media still brings in a far lower number of new patients than search engines, word of mouth and other marketing channels.

Consider this: a handful of fun and educational information from your practice sent out via a patient newsletter will reach more people than posting on Facebook. Even better? You can do both!

So be careful – if you put all your eggs in the Facebook basket, you’re in real danger of being negatively affected if Facebook implements future changes.


Marketing solely on Facebook should be done at your own risk!


3. Be appropriate

Gee, don’t we sound grown up when we say that! But what we mean by ‘appropriate’ is this:

  • Post on Facebook with a frequency that works well for your fan base. If the cafe next door is posting daily, should you? We bet no one wants to hear from their dentist every day. Moreover, who really wants to be told that all their teeth might fall out while they’re catching up with their friends online?
  • Use a voice that comes from your practice but is friendly and approachable
  • Be interesting, fun and sometimes not always serious!
  • The fun stuff performs well, but make sure you intermingle this with some educational information about your treatments – this is still meant to be marketing your practice and services, after all


So if you only take away 3 things from all this?

✓ Be disciplined and appropriate Know the purpose of Facebook, the outcome you want for your business, and the time and budget you spend on it.

✓ Measure your marketing Test whether you’re getting the results you want and continually reassess.

✓ Create personality and connection Be authentically you – the voice of your practice. Care, connect and give quality to your patients and potential patients.


Facebook truth for dentists

Focus on quality not quantity and your fan base will thank you for it



Yes, you can hit the sweet social media success spot! Contact Connected Marketing and learn how social media can be part of your ongoing marketing strategy.