Dental marketing tools to ramp up your business fast

Dental marketing tools to ramp up your business fast
June 20, 2017 Amanda Chee
Dental Marketing Tools to Ramp Up Your Business Fast

Dental marketing tools to ramp up your business fast

Tooth probes. Mouth mirrors. Tartar scrapers. Nope, they’re not the dental tools we’re talking about!

Dental marketing tools are the activities you can use to attract new patients, keep the ones you already have and propel your business forward.

If you’re a dentist and not a marketing specialist (like us), you probably haven’t even heard of some of these tools, let alone know how to use them for your own business.

Lucky for you, we can show you how to pick ’n’ mix these tools, in varying quantities, to make up your dental practice marketing mix.

Here’s our hot list of 30 dental marketing tools to try

In an ideal world, your marketing would involve a range of activities from the categories below.

Word of mouth

1 Referrals from existing patients – the good old-fashioned way of getting new patients. This is one whole big ball game but ultimately treat every patient that you treat like they are your best patient and you will do well in this area.

2 Reputation management – responding to reviews on Yelp, Facebook, True Local, Womo, etc


3 Print – local newspapers, magazines, flyers

4 Media – radio, TV, cinema

5 Online – Yellow Pages, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, school newsletters

Database and direct marketing

Build, maintain and communicate with your own database of patients to nurture open dialogue, increase positive word of mouth and retain more patients.

6 Patient recalls and reactivations

7 Patient newsletters

8 Email marketing – targeted communications to targeted segments of your database

Online marketing

9 Websites

10 SEO – search engine optimisation for local and organic search

11 Pay-per-click advertising – as in online advertising above

12 Blogging

13 Content marketing – marketing your content to other people, companies or interested groups

Social media

14 Facebook

15 Google+

16 Instagram

17 Pinterest

Other marketing

18 Content marketing – can be done online as above, or in print/media

19 Public relations

20 Video marketing

21 Sponsorship

22 Events

23 Seminars

24 Signage

25 Branding

26 Brochures and other in-practice marketing materials

27 Community marketing – investing in your community through sponsorships

28 Letterbox drops

29 Competitor monitoring

30 Photography

Jotted down which ones you might like to try?

If you’re not sure which dental marketing tools are right for you, check out our article or contact Connected Marketing to talk to us about the best marketing mix for your practice.