We Are Connected Marketing.


We are your marketing and communications specialists…

At Connected Marketing we’ve been helping dentists grow their practice with marketing, consulting and practical ‘hands-on’ support since 2009.

Our aim is to become a connected part of your team. We develop a close working relationship with you, your dental team and the front desk crew. We provide marketing and communications advice as well as the implementation of your day-to-day marketing and communications.

Having worked with dental practices in Australia over the last 11 years we have experience and an understanding of the unique marketing needs of the health businesses covered by AHPRAs exacting advertising guidelines and regulations.

Consult = Your trusted adviser

A bit confused as to the best places to use your marketing dollar? We help develop your Marketing strategy and plan AND manage its execution and measurement, from search engine optimisation to the graphics for your advertising.

New Website Development

Your website is your online business brochure that tells people who you are and what you do, in your unique voice. It is a connecting bridge to help new customers get to know you and bring them through your door.

SEO – be found!

We ensure that your website and content connects well to the Search Engines (SE’s) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask. They determine if you are found, ranked brilliantly and can bring in those new local customers.

Social Media and Marketing

It’s easy to spend all your time and budget on social media but is it returning what your business needs? We’ll work with you to build your social media community that reflects the warm, friendly and informative experience from your practice.

Website management, updates and tech

We keep your website up-to-date, appealing, and effective. We worry about the content, design and technology so that you don’t have to!


Big or small, online vs the local paper, we manage and monitor your advertising so that it connects to your audiences in the most effective places – so you get the biggest bang for your advertising dollar.

Content Marketing

We work with you to develop unique content in your voice, and then market this content so that it connects with your potential and existing customers.

Promoting your business locally

Your business is unique to your local community, so get noticed through publicity, online and local marketing, sponsorship and events that connect with your purpose and values.

Get to know Connected Marketing

We are marketing communications and marketing specialists, marketing advisers and consultants, and small business-owners like you. Connected Marketing is a niche dental marketing consultancy that has been helping Australian independent dentists since 2009.

With over 20 years experience in online marketing and communications with small businesses all the way up to international brands. We are passionate about working with our clients – helping to grow their business with soul.

“We market our clients business’ as if it were our own.”

We believe in an integrated life (rather than the much revered ‘work life balance’) where our strong family values meld with our ongoing commitment to our clients.

“We understand that for small business owners, our business is like our own child, and despite the occasional sleepless night they give us, we nurture them every day with love.”

We are not afraid to admit it… we are marketing geeks. Our approach to marketing is one of testing, measurement and proving ‘what works’.

“Small businesses don’t have endless cash reserves to throw away on their marketing and advertising – that is why it is so important to test a range of activities, keep a finger on the pulse, measure success and invest in what works.”

On the other hand, the team at Connected Marketing’s approach to communication is all about connection and speaking from the heart.

“Until your patient sits across from you in that dental chair, it is up to our marketing, the website and the team who answer the telephone to make them feel like they can trust you with their vulnerability.”

  • "Do all your new patients come from Facebook? No? Then becareful not to spend all your marketing time and budget on Social media. I'll bet that Google brings in more new patients - this means that SEO should be a big part of your marketing strategy."
    One of our pearls of wisdom- From Connected Marketing
  • Are you using a website measurement tool to see how many people are coming to your website and what they are looking at? If not then do it now! Google Analytics is free and you can look at as little or much as you like. Tools like this are invaluable in telling you which of your online marketing efforts are actually working.
    Connected Marketing
  • So we know what you’re thinking: I spend my days looking after my patients and do my marketing at midnight. I don’t have time to measure my marketing spend. Well, our response to you is that marketing is an investment in your business.
    Marketing food for thoughtConnected Marketing