Your marketing and communications specialist




Connect to customers

Increase loyalty, word of mouth
and that ‘feel good’ factor

Connect to new patients

Help people get to know and like you
before they’ve even met you

Connect to search engines

Helping Google, Bing and Yahoo
connect and bring people to you

Connect to staff

An involved team are happier to
live your brand to your patients

Connect to your community

Connect with local people and groups
and share your values and brand

Connect with your purpose

Tap into and convey why you do what you do and people will connect to you

Connect with us…

At Connected Marketing we work as an integrated part of your marketing team to be your consultant and hands on support to get things done.

Our approach ensures your messaging, content and marketing CONNECT with your current customers, new patients, search engines, staff, your community and your business.

We care as much as you do, and have the marketing skills that will allow you to focus on dentistry and enhancing your patient experience.